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Steel Tube Manufacturer in Ankara is one of the leading Steel Tube Manufacturer in Ankara, recognized for producing top-tier steel tubes tailored for diverse industries. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation ensures the delivery of durable, precise, and reliable products. Powered by cutting-edge facilities and a proficient workforce, we adeptly meet the exacting demands of our clientele, offering bespoke solutions and unparalleled quality not only in Ankara but also across wider regions. Renowned as a trusted Steel Tube Supplier in Ankara, we emphasize customer satisfaction, adherence to industry benchmarks, and continual enhancement of our manufacturing processes. This dedication cements our status as the preferred partner for piping projects of varying scales and complexities.


Steel Tubes play a pivotal role in construction, manufacturing, and infrastructure projects, being essential components known for their robust strength and durability. These hollow cylindrical structures, predominantly crafted from steel, form the backbone of various industries. We prioritize comprehending the diverse needs of customers across industries. Our product range is designed to meet varying specifications, encompassing dimensions, thickness, and material grades. Rigorous quality control ensures adherence to industry standards, and certifications are secured to meet specific project requirements, reaffirming our commitment to delivering reliable solutions.

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  • The primary contrast between steel tubes and generic tubes lies in their material composition and resulting properties. While the term "regular tubes" is broad and can encompass various materials, steel tubes, being specifically crafted from steel, offer unique advantages such as exceptional strength, durability, and versatility. Steel's inherent qualities make these tubes resilient against external forces, corrosion, and high-pressure conditions, rendering them well-suited for diverse applications spanning construction, infrastructure, and industrial systems.
  • Steel tubes derive distinct attributes from the inherent properties of steel, including strength, flexibility, and malleability. Compared to alternative materials, steel tubes frequently exhibit remarkable load-bearing capacities, making them particularly suitable for structural applications and scenarios emphasizing strength. Additionally, the ability to manufacture steel tubes in diverse shapes, whether seamless or welded, enhances their adaptability to meet specific project requirements. Renowned for their reliability, steel tubes prove effective across various industrial settings, serving purposes such as fluid transportation, structural reinforcement, and mechanical applications.
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Steel Tube Manufatcurer, Supplier and Dealer in Ankara

Steel Tube

Steel Tube Manufacturer in Ankara
Steel Tube Supplier in Ankara
Steel Tube Dealer in Ankara

Steel Tube - Specifications

  • Product : Steel Tube
  • Wall Thickness : 0.3 to 50mm
  • Standards : ASTM A312, ASTM A269, ASME SB677, ASTM A213, ASME SA 789/ASTM A789. ASME SA 790/ASTM A790
  • Manufacturing Type : Seamless
  • Shape : Square, Round, Box Section, Rectangle
  • Manufacturing Technology : Hot / Cold Formed
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WHAT MATERIALS IS USED TO MAKE STEEL TUBES? stands as a reliable Steel Tube Supplier in Ankara. Alloy steel emerges as the preferred choice for power generation, leveraging a blend of alloys like chromium, molybdenum, and nickel to endure extreme temperatures and pressures. Conversely, stainless steel is widely employed in corrosive or high-temperature environments, such as the petrochemical and chemical processing industries, offering outstanding corrosion resistance and optimal performance under elevated temperatures.

As a trusted Steel Tube Manufacturer in Ankara, Steel Tubes find diverse industrial applications and are manufactured from various materials. Carbon steel, favored for its durability and cost-effectiveness, can withstand moderate temperatures and pressures. However, protective coatings may be necessary to prevent corrosion.


As a prominent Steel Tube Manufacturer in Ankara, our chemical equation reflects precision and excellence in manufacturing high-quality tubes. Our manufacturing expertise ensures robust and versatile steel tubes that meet stringent industry standards.

Chemical Equation of Steel Tubes
Grade C Mn Si P S
A1 0.27 Max 0.93 0.10 0.035 0.035


As a leading Steel Tube Supplier in Ankara, we take pride in delivering tubes with exceptional mechanical properties, ensuring superior strength, resilience, and reliability for diverse industrial applications.

Tube Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation Hardness
≥415 ≥255 ≥30 ≤79


  • It is essential to maintain and inspect steel tubes to ensure they last long and perform well in different uses. Regular maintenance involves checking for corrosion, wear, or damage and addressing any problems promptly to prevent deterioration. Cleaning the tubes regularly helps remove debris, contaminants, and corrosive substances that can build up over time. Depending on the application, applying protective coatings like anti-corrosion paints or galvanization can improve the tubes' resistance to environmental factors.
  • Inspections should include visual assessments, dimensional checks, and non-destructive testing methods to identify any structural weaknesses or defects. Additionally, monitoring performance and operating conditions can help detect issues early and allow for timely intervention. Following a routine maintenance schedule and industry best practices contribute to the overall reliability and longevity of steel tubes.


Outer Diameter of Steel Tubes

Outer Diameter In mm

Permissible Variations In mm
Over (+) Under (-)
1 to 1 ½ (25.4 to 38.1), Incl 0.006 (0.15) 0.006 (0.15)
Under 1 (25.4) 0.004 (0.10) 0.004 (0.10)
Over 11⁄2 to 2 (38.1 to 50.8), Excl 0.008 (0.20) 0.008 (0.20)
21⁄2 to 3 (63.5 to 76.2), Excl 0.012 (0.30) 0.012 (0.30)
2 to 21⁄2 (50.8 to 63.5), Excl 0.010 (0.25) 0.010 (0.25)


  • ERW (Electric Resistance Welded) Tubes: ERW tubes are created by joining together strips that have been welded lengthwise. They are frequently utilized in structural and industrial settings.
  • Galvanized Round Tubes : Galvanized round tubes are commonly used in outdoor applications because they are coated with a layer of zinc, which helps to improve their corrosion resistance.
  • Precision Seamless Tubes : Precision Seamless Tubes are produced with exceptional accuracy to meet the demands of applications that require precise tolerances and flawless surfaces.
  • ERW Round Tubes : ERW Round Tubes are created using high-frequency electrical currents to weld steel sheets into tubes.
  • Duplex Stainless Steel Tubes : Duplex stainless steel tubes provide a blend of austenitic and ferritic stainless steel advantages, delivering exceptional strength and resistance to corrosion.


Steel tubes provide a superior solution for applications that can withstand high temperatures. Their exceptional resistance to extreme heat and pressure makes them a dependable choice for various industrial processes, power generation, and heating systems. These tubes effectively transfer heat from combustion to water, producing steam or hot water for a diverse range of purposes. Moreover, their capacity to endure elevated temperatures without distortion or deterioration guarantees consistent and reliable performance even in challenging environments.


  • Taking proactive measures against corrosion is necessary to maintain the durability and longevity of steel tubes. Various coatings and methods can be used to prevent rust formation in steel tubes.
  • One of the most effective techniques is galvanization, which involves applying a layer of zinc onto the steel surface. This zinc coating acts as a protective barrier, rusting before the underlying steel and ensuring prolonged defence against corrosion. Galvanized steel pipes are widely used in outdoor and water-related applications.
  • Steel tubes can also be coated with substances that possess rust-inhibiting properties, such as polyethene, epoxy, or polypropylene, to prevent rust formation. These coatings create a protective barrier that prevents moisture and oxygen from penetrating the steel surface and initiating rust.
  • Products that contain Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs) release vapours that efficiently hinder rust formation and protect steel surfaces from corrosion. These VCI products are commonly used to protect steel tubes during transportation or storage.


  • Seamless and welded steel tubes differ primarily in their manufacturing processes. Seamless tubes are produced by extruding a solid billet through a piercing rod, resulting in a seamless cylindrical shape without any weld seams. This method ensures a consistent structure, making seamless tubes ideal for applications requiring high-pressure resistance or corrosion-sensitive applications.
  • On the other hand, welded tubes are created by welding together flat steel sheets or strips, which introduces a visible seam. Although welded tubes may have slightly lower strength and a textured appearance than seamless ones, they are often more cost-effective and suitable for applications with less stringent demands. Choosing between seamless and welded tubes depends on specific usage requirements, pressure tolerance, structural considerations, and budget constraints.

Clients Project Report of Steel Tube is one of the leading Steel Tube Manufacturers in Ankara. Our team responsible for packing and shipping ensures that our products are of high quality and have accurate dimensions. We use packaging methods that are resistant to damage, ensuring our products arrive in excellent condition.

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Steel Tube Used in Industries

  • Steel Tube Used in Construction
  • Steel Tube Used in Automotive Trim
  • Steel Tube Used in Stamped Machined Products
  • Steel Tube Used in Cookware
  • Steel Tube Used in Appliances
  • Steel Tube Used in Kitchen
  • Steel Tube Used in Sinks
  • Steel Tube Used in Railway Cars
  • Steel Tube Used in Foodservice Equipment
  • Steel Tube Used in Trailers
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Steel Tube Manufacturer & Supplier in Ankara

Steel Tube Manufacturer in Ankara

Steel Tube Manufacturer in Ankara

Steel Tube Supplier in Ankara

Steel Tube Supplier in Ankara

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