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Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Manufacturers in India

 Bhansali Wire Mesh

Bhansali Wire Mesh

Mumbai, India
+91 22 6654 1017
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Manufacturer
Total Export Experience (10+ Years)

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Manufacturer

Total Export Experience (10+ Years)

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Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Manufacturer in India

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

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Double Crimped Wire Mesh

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About Bhansali Wire Mesh

Bhansali Wire Mesh is a well-known Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Manufacturer in India. We supply a wide range of SS Wire Mesh manufactured using advanced technology. Bhansali Wire Mesh has been committed to supplying high-quality products for many years. To stay on top of this fast sector, we develop and monitor changing trends from across the world.

By delivering high-quality products on time and at a reasonable price, our company works hard to maintain solid ties with the steel sector. We supply SS Wire Mesh that is custom-made to match the needs of the customer. Bhansali Wire Mesh also manufactures several types of Wire Mesh at reasonable costs.

ISO Certified 9001:2015

ISO Certified 9001:2015

MSME Certified

MSME Certified

IEC Certified

IEC Certified

Third Party Inspection

Third Party Inspection

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+91 22 6654 1017



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Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Specification PDF - Bhansali Wire Mesh

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Specification, Size & Grades
Stainless Steel Specification
Size 5.5 mm – 26 mm (0.0217″ – 1.000″)
Thickness 0.5 mm to 6.00 mm
Tolerance +/- 0.20mm
Length upto 30 mtrs Wire Mesh
Packaging On Spools DIN 125, DIN 160, DIN 200, DIN 250, DIN 355, BS 60, B10
Temper Annealed Wire Mesh or Spring hard Wire Mesh (stress relieved – optional), Hot Rolled Wire Mesh, Pickled Wire Mesh

High Quality Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Manufacturer in India

Our Stainless Steel Wire Mesh is known for their high strength, beautiful shine, excellent corrosion resistance, and detailed measurements. These SS Wire Mesh are widely utilized in a wide range of industries, including Oil & Gas, Chemical, Construction, Petrochemical, Power Plants, and Sugar Mills.

Reasons to Choose Bhansali Wire Mesh for top quality Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
  1. The skilled team within the organization contributes decades of expertise to each project, ensuring a consistent standard of product quality and service excellence of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
  2. Bhansali Wire Mesh is commitment to manufacture top Stainless Steel Wire Mesh that meet or exceed global industry standards
  3. Customers can modify their selections to suit their specific requirements, choosing from a diverse range of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh options.
  4. Ensuring that clients receive customized solutions that align perfectly with their unique requirements in the case of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Weight & Size Chart - Bhansali Wire Mesh

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Weight Chart
Mesh Size/Width (mm) Wire Diameter (mm) Width (mm)
0.056 0.04 1000
0.16 0.08 1000
0.16 0.12 1000
0.2 0.16 1000
0.25 0.2/0.22 1000
0.32 0.16 1000
0.4 0.2 1000
0.4 0.25 1000
0.45 0.2 1000
0.5 0.2 1000
0.5 0.25 1000
0.5 0.3 1000
0.63 0.25 1000
0.63 0.32 1000
0.7 0.32 1000
0.8 0.32 1000
1.0 0.25 1000
1.0 0.32 1000
1.2 0.32 1000
1.2 0.4 1000
1.4 0.45 1000
1.8 0.7 1000
2.0 0.4 1000
2.0 0.5 1000
2.0 0.6 1000
2.0 1.2 1000
2.2 0.45 1000
2.2 0.7 1000
2.5 0.5 1000
2.8 0.9 1000
3.0 1.0 1000
3.2 0.8 1000
3.2 1.2 1000
4.0 1.0 1000
4.0 1.2 1000
4.0 1.6 1000
5.0 0.7 1000
5.0 1.2 1000
5.0 2.0 1000
6.0 1.2 1000
10.0 2.0 1000
12.0 2.0 1000

Bhansali Wire Mesh a Top Quality Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Manufacturer

Bhansali Wire Mesh has made it its mission to supply creative solutions for customers in the construction industry who need long-lasting solutions. We offer fast delivery and reasonable costs to ensure customer satisfaction. We are generally used to maintaining things inside or outside, depending on how they're used.

Count on us to deliver SS Wire Mesh on schedule, satisfying your project timelines.

With a solid reputation founded on trust and dependability, Bhansali Wire Mesh stands as the preferred choice for top-quality wire mesh manufacturing.

Bhansali Wire Mesh manufactures Stainless Steel Wire Mesh of top quality, supported by careful quality control methods

Select from a wide range of materials, including Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Duplex Steel, Super Duplex, Monel, Inconel to fulfill your specific requirements.

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Bhansali Wire Mesh - Your Trusted Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Supplier

Bhansali Wire Mesh stands for quality and brilliance. We are India's leading Wire Mesh Supplier. We have a strong network and the knowledge to supply you with a wide range of products at low cost and timely delivery. Because of the automatic toughness of this stainless steel ASME 316 wire mesh, lighter construction, a more compact system design, and less welding are possible. Because of its features, particularly its high tensile strength and durability, DIN 304 Wire Mesh is an excellent material choice with strong impact and break attempts.

Bhansali Wire Mesh. supplies a range of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh in various dimensions, specs, and shapes. Clients can find the best fit for their specific demands, ensuring they receive solutions that satisfy their needs.

We use excellent quality control methods to ensure they are of the highest quality.

Because we have a solid reputation for being dependable and trustworthy, Bhansali Wire Mesh is the greatest option for manufacturing quality Stainless Steel Wire Mesh.

To ensure that you receive Stainless Steel Wire Mesh that work smoothly, we guarantee to employ the most recent technologies.

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Exporter - Bhansali Wire Mesh

Countries We Supply
Countries We Supply
Germany France Finland
Austria Hungary Denmark
Italy Czechia Sweden
Belgium Spain Greece
Netherlands Poland Croatia

Customer Testimonials for Bhansali Wire Mesh

I recently received Wire Mesh from Bhansali Wire Mesh, which are made of high quality raw materials. It's impressive that they don't cut corners on quality.

Bhansali Wire Mesh has sent me an order for SS Wire Mesh. Their product quality has never disappointed us, and they always deliver things on time and at a reasonable price.

I purchased pipes for my industrial plant and am very pleased with the quality. In many ways, these pipes exceeded my expectations, and I am glad to share my pleasant experience.

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